Introducing Q-Partner, the QNAP Reseller Partner Program

Who Qualifies to Join Q-Partner?

Q-Partner, the QNAP Reseller Partner Program is designed to recognize and reward our US-based partners whose primary business involves conducting face-to-face sales and consulting in NAS storage. All online e-tailers and those NOT purchasing from our authorized distributors are not eligible to participate. QNAP provides all the tools, training, support, and resources you need to increase your profitability and advance your business. Q-Partner also offers an incentive system that rewards your performance as your sales continue to grow.

How Q-Partner Works

Q-Partner is comprised of two tiers (Registered and Premier) delivering a rich array of benefits at each level based on the partner's increased investment and commitment to QNAP NAS products. Program membership is reviewed on a quarterly basis.

Registered Partner

This level is for partners that sells QNAP occasionally and are interested in starting and building a relationship with QNAP. Registered Partners have access to online sales and marketing resources to promote QNAP NAS products.

Premier Partner

Premier Partners offer customers a variety of value-added services, including extensive expertise in niche markets, application solutions, and integration. Premier Partners have a solid commitment to promoting and selling QNAP storage technology and developing a long-term partnership. Premier Partners also have access to Co-op Marketing Support from QNAP.

Resellers who are interested in joining the Q-Partner program should sign up now

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